everyday feast


Everyday Feast, Cooperation: Min Moon a. Morris Shakaia, Theatre CounterPulse, San Francisco, USA, October 2019

“Everyday Feast” is a butoh dance performance based on live and recorded stories of addiction from artists and storytellers of SF Bay Area and Moscow. The latter part of the evening opened up to live stories from the audience.

Music by Phonoschrank // Stories by Danielle Brandon, Idexa Stern, Justin Ebrahemi, Rick Darnell, & Zen // Dance by Min Yoon & Moris Shakaia
How does the body speak what dwells within us, under the control of our addictions? How do we relate to one another through moments of clawing for something, or our lives? Can we find new gestures and spaces in coping?

Beyond personal expression, how do our collective stories reflect questions that our experiences, effects, and journeys of addictions raise, and how this may transpose to the social issues, capitalist colonialism, and environmental interconnectedness we live. Socially-accepted addictions are with us everyday from sugar to work, sex, tech, progress, escape… We research where our bodies, words, energy, and relations hold memories, release, habits, instincts, and patterns, and look for something new – between the bodies, between the storyteller and dancer, between performer and audience, and between the selves.

Everyday Feast from Min Yoon on Vimeo.