Goals of a200ms

Based on our experience, we have developed a four-stage rehearsal and performance concept:
It has been shown that with longer/more frequent rehearsals, the idea of an abstract visual reference gets lost in communication and the abstract visual reference evolves towards a graphic notation. This has resulted in this rather concise and tight rehearsal schedule.

1. communication rehearsal
The first encounter of the visual artist with the sound body of the ensemble. Here the visual artist experiences the role of musical direction for the first time. First exercises in interaction with the sound body pave the way for a resonance of the visual with the acoustic.

2. main rehearsal
Working with the abstract visual reference. In preparation for this second session, the visual artist works with the artistic director of the ensemble to develop his or her acoustic idea of the composition. In this rehearsal, he:she communicates these acoustic ideas to the ensemble.

3. dress rehearsal
The uninterrupted interpretation of the abstract visual reference conveys to the visual artist whether the orchestra is also acoustically realizing the temporal ideas in the visual work.

4. rehearsal and performance
Here the emphasis is on responding together to the spatial acoustics of the performance venue and on quickly achieving interdisciplinarity for each abstract visual reference.

Integrating our presentation into a media-theoretically and musicologically sound and functioning technical and organizational structure creates a safe environment for us to fully concentrate on our creative work.

During the radio broadcast of the sound art series „Die kleine Nachtmusik“ of the radio frrapo, radio listeners can view the corresponding abstract visual reference on the internet presence of the ensemble parallel to the broadcast and thus also receive an interdisciplinary work. And not only via FM in Berlin and Potsdam, but also worldwide via the Internet stream.

As a follow-up project, we are already planning the presentation of our works in the visual arts environment. The gallery owner Kai Erdmann has already shown great interest in presenting the abstract visual references in his gallery together with the sound recordings of our event in the Medientheater. In addition to the original works, a limited edition of art prints of abstract visual references and the corresponding sound recordings will be offered.

These structures, developed for our project, offer a wonderful opportunity to experience our innovative and avant-garde approach.